Peer Reviewed Paper titled "Robosense 2.0: Robotic Sensing and Architectural Ceramic Fabrication" by David Rosenwasser, Jeremy Bilotti, Bennett Norman, Leo Jingyang Liu, and Jenny Sabin selected for ACADIA 2018 conference and publication, hosted by Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.

Download: Robosense 2.0: Robotic Sensing and Architectural Ceramic Fabrication


Cyclo: Architectures of Waste

Project author/project contributor for d(e)Construction with Jeremy Bilotti in CYCLO: Architectures of Waste (Forthcoming 2020) by Caroline O’Donnell and Dillon Pranger, Routledge, pp. TBA


International Journal Of Rapid Manufacturing

Peer Reviewed Paper titled "POLYBRICK 3.0: Live Signatures Through DNA Hydrogels and Digital Ceramics" by David Rosenwasser, Shogo Hamada, Dan Luo, and Jenny Sabin published by the International Journal Of Rapid Manufacturing.

Special issue of International Journal of Rapid Manufacturing – Additive Manufacturing in Architecture 2018. Eds. Nick Dunn, Alvin Huang, and Dan Richards. 

Download: International Journal of Rapid Manufacturing-Polybrick 3.0

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NCECA 2018: Invited Lecturer

Invited as lecturer and exhibiter to present "Clay Non-Wovens" with Sonya Mantell, "Traces Of Making" with Jeremy Bilotti, and ongoing research on behalf of the Sabin Design Lab. 

Clay Fab Lab organized by Kelly O'Briant, University Of Dallas Professor Of Ceramics.

Acadia 2017.jpg


Peer Reviewed Paper titled "Clay Non-Wovens" by David Rosenwasser, Sonya Mantell, and Jenny Sabin selected for ACADIA 2017 conference and publication, hosted by MIT and organized by Skylar Tibbits.  

See our paper at :

The Second Digital Turn


Research for Polybrick (3D printed high-fire clay body) featured in Mario Carpo's book (2017) The Second Digital Turn : Design Beyond Intelligence Published by MIT Press, page 56.



Colorfolds research, photography, and prototypes featured in Active Matter, edited by Skylar Tibbits and published by MIT Press (2017), pages 271-278.


LabStudio: Design Research between Architecture and Biology 

Colorfolds research and prototypes featured in Jenny Sabin and Peter Lloyd Jones' book LabStudio: Design Research Between Architecture and Biology. Found in Part 1 and Chapter 9 (BioInspired Adaptive Materials) on pages 22-23 and 331-334.


Fabricate 2017

Polybrick research and physical iterations featured on pages 154-155.

Fabricate 2017: Rethinking Design and Construction. Edited by Achim Menges, Bob Sheil, Ruairi Glynn and Marilena Skavara.

Centre Pompidou  

Research work for Polybrick 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 showcased in video and physical prototypes at Centre Pompidou for 2017's Mutations / Creations exhibition.

Cornell Research Scholar Newsletter

Cornell 2017 Spring Newsletter highlights research background and involvement with the Sabin Design Lab at Cornell University.


Smithsonian Institution 

Polybrick project by Sabin Design Lab featured as part of Smithsonian Collection


Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial 

Polybrick project by Sabin Design Lab featured in 2016 Publication from Cooper Hewitt's Design Triennial "Beauty."

ACAW 2016.jpg

Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop

Ceramic prototypes from ACAW featured in Boston Valley Terra Cotta and University of Buffalo's workshop publications.

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The Research Paper

"Seeing Yourself In Structure : Organic Inspirations for Design" by Alexander Cheng. Interview about involvement with Sabin Design Lab and role as a Hunter R. Rawlings III Presidential Research Scholar.

WIred Magazine

Colorfolds by Sabin Design Lab featured in November 2014's Wired Magazine.